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Gone are the days when you could watch up to a 50 channels at a time on your TV and the programming quality of media was also not of high standards. Occasionally, the signals would break and there would be too many disturbances on your TV. With the introduction of FTA satellite TV all that is just a thing of the past. But what is FTA?

FTA stands for free to air television broadcasting. It used a FTA receiver for broadcasting TV and radio signals and you can receive hundreds and even thousands of channels on your TV sitting at home. Above all, this is free of cost!

FTA is delivered through satellite television and in different parts of the world FTA television channels are broadcasted using unencrypted VHF or UHF bands. In most countries where FTA is available, it is free of cost but in some places you will be charged a small fee for some of the channels or for using FTA satellite services. In some case, you will be paying a license fee like for viewing BBC and in other cases, you will end up making a voluntary contribution like for educational broadcasters like PBS. You are probably wondering how FTA channels makes money.

Most channels make money through advertising and sponsorship like the Japanese television broadcasters TV Tokyo and TV Asahi are doing. These channels rely on sponsorship and so does Philippine Television like GMA, and ABS-CBN. Free To Air (FTA) is mostly utilized in international broadcasting and this makes it the video equivalent of shortwave radio. If you are planning to invest in FTA then you should take it from FTA authorized retailers who will provide you the list of channel guides as well as content available in your country. Different countries will have different channel content and channel guides so you need to check with the local retailer for the information.

One of the important things to know about Free To Air (FTA) satellite signals is that they are available in two types: one is the Ku-Band or small dish, and the other is the C-Band or large dish. Most of the international channels that are currently available in Continental or North America are being broadcasted through the Ku-band on a Telstar-5 satellite. Of course there are other options available as well. The Ku-band FTA satellite systems come with a satellite receiver, remote control and a dish, which will point towards a specific satellite.

You will find a lot of valuable information on FTA over the internet. One of the top online retailers where you can find all information on FTA receivers and check out what is available is The various FTA satellite receivers that are being sold at Satphire include Sonicview, Viewstat, Coolstat, Panstat, Captain, Extremeview, Ariza, Neostat, Dream Multimedia, Fortec Star, Captive Works, Conaxsat, and nfusion. With the arrival of the FTA or Free To Air TV channels, it seems that watching TV will never be the same again.

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Setup Your Satellite Dish

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This article was published on 2010/04/03