Satellite Antennas: Know How to Select the Perfect Satellite Antenna

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Satellite antennas have brought about a revolution in the field of communication and technology, especially in the mobile satellite market. in today's world service providers and operators see a  growing demand for communication anywhere regardless of location and with no limit for applications and therefore the urge for mobile terminals and devices that can be attached to mobile platforms such as trucks, airplanes, UAV's, trains, ships.  The satellite antenna can be mounted on the roof or on deck for acquisition while in motion.


In the past services to mobile vehicles have been delivered through the use of L-band satellite transmission and used for telephone communications and then IP. L-band advantage is the ability to use a small satellite antenna onboard. But L-band disadvantage is that it support narrowband communications, as L-band frequencies are  so if broadband is what you need you better move to a higher frequency band – ku band (11-14 GHz). Ku band antenna provides broadband services to fixed users like TV.


Satellite antennas must be optimized in terms of installation costs, installation should be simple and fast. The satellite communication antenna must have good performance on the satellite link. Satellite antenna must be efficient, efficiency is determined by gain, sensitivity, interference.


The correct positioning of the satellite antennas help to determine how effective and reliable will be the data transmissions. Overall, this is what will have an effect on your actual viewing experience. You should avoid placing the antenna close to any object which can create a signal blockage and even result an accidental damage.


If you wish to access the satellite television while on a move, you may consider having the portable antenna. This sort of antenna is best to offer you non-stop entertainment at any time while traveling. Satellite in car antennas that are portable in nature can also be mounted easily almost everywhere so you can essentially use it to watch your favorite satellite TV programs anywhere and everywhere. Before purchasing portable satellite antennas, you must check for the usability and durability for the same as well.



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Satellite Antennas: Know How to Select the Perfect Satellite Antenna

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Satellite Antennas: Know How to Select the Perfect Satellite Antenna

This article was published on 2010/12/30