How to Set Up a Satellite Internet Connection

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Satellite internet is becoming more and more popular. With faster connections, faster uploading and downloading speeds, more users are choosing to set up their internet services through satellite. Its benefits are drawing cable modem and DSL users, as these services are sometimes frustratingly unreliable. Switching your internet to a satellite service is also not as difficult as most people would believe.

First, place an order with a high-speed satellite provider. Schedule an appointment with your chosen provider for a professional to install your dish. The Federal Communications Commission does not permit you to install the dish yourself as FCC regulations restrict the directions of satellite dishes and antennas. It is better to have a professional determine the best position for the satellite dish anyway. All the signals are provided from the southern direction because the satellites orbiting the earth are all located around the equator. Any installation done will consist of mounting the dish in a good location, then performing a few tests to see if there is anything interfering with the desired signal. Usually, any hardware needed for mounting and connecting the dish will be provided with all the required equipment.

Once your dish has been properly placed and targeted, getting a satellite broadband connection is relatively easy. Using the provided cables, connect your dish to a wall jack in your house. When this has been done, you merely need to check the signal's strength and start configuring your computer to the newly created connection.

Choose a satellite internet provider that offers two-way connections. Without two way connection, you will find the speed of your broadband connection is drastically slower, as one-way connections only download through the satellite and upload through phone lines. This process slows up the sending and receiving of any and all data. Through a two-way connection, data is downloaded and uploaded through the satellite.

Many satellite broadband services, however, will provide different plans where there may be additional charges. Make sure you ask which service plan most fits your needs. Also evaluate which plan has the strongest coverage for the best price.

Also, consider how many computers will need internet access. If you only have one computer that needs to be connected, simply use an Ethernet cable, connecting the satellite modem to the port on this particular computer. Most households, however, have more computers, so you will need to connect a router, which allows multiple computers to share an internet connection. For this, simply plug one end of an Ethernet cable into the satellite and the other end into the router. Then use other Ethernet cables to connect all your computers to each of the ports on the router.

Setting up your internet connection need not be a big hassle. Call your service provider with any questions you may have or check the manual that comes with your satellite dish. Once you finish and begin surfing the web and downloading images through satellite speeds, you'll wonder why you ever hesitated to change your cable or DSL connection to satellite internet.

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How to Set Up a Satellite Internet Connection

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This article was published on 2010/05/04