Five Great Entertainment Websites That Run Better With Satellite Internet

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While the internet can be serious business, upgrading to a service like satellite is also a great way to unwind and relax. After all, people cannot be expected to spend all day slaving over assignments at the office, chained to a desk. And for those who actually manage to get out of the regular daily grind and relocate to more remote locales, the opportunity to take a break from telecommuting is just as important. So it makes sense to use that free time on something that will remain entertaining, whether it's playing a favorite vintage video game or enjoying the world of film noir with a site devoted to cataloging old television shows and movies.


For those who have just made the leap from dial-up to satellite internet in rural locations around the country, chances are that all of the most popular websites aren't immediately well-known. To get over the awkwardness of not necessarily knowing what will load or where the best content is, here are five great websites designed to keep everyone entertained. And they all run a whole lot better when one's connection is dish-based, rather than running through a phone line.


Gawker. The original gossip website, its former writers have gotten arrested and gotten deals for memoirs. This combination of the salacious and the legitimately cutting-edge, plus great snarky writing, manages to net Gawker millions of hits a day. And with everything from celebrity gossip to New York-specific news, there's plenty that will keep visitors entertained and engaged.


Second City's YouTube page. For the best stand-up comedy and sketches out there, the troupe that launched everyone from Tina Fey to countless "Saturday Night Live" writers is a great place to go. Current funny people include advice from fairy princesses to little girls that is deadpan and spot-on, the world of Drunk History, and plenty of other shorter sketches. For those with a sense of humor and satellite internet connection, there's nowhere better to go online.


GoodReads. Since not everyone's version of entertainment has to do with flashing lights and silver screens, the chance to catalogue all the books currently being read and favorites from the past is a great way to network with other likeminded bookworms. A great way to actually figure out what you've been reading, too.


Chow. Because foodies need a place to get together and trade recipes while fighting from time to time, and those who enjoy cooking and figuring out the best places to eat in one's given city will find Chow an excellent resource. It's also great for the reviews, which means those living far away from the nearest town can use satellite internet to figure out whether or not a drive is worthwhile.


WhoSampledWho. Die-hard music fans will appreciate the chance to figure out where the hook in the latest hot pop song actually came from, especially considering the fact that it sounds so darn familiar. An incredibly helpful tool and great way to resolve arguments at dinner and cocktail parties, it's a fun thing to check out for those who are recently wired with satellite internet, as the embedded YouTube videos even match up the particular points in both songs where the same is being used and the original hook appeared. Completely genius.

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Five Great Entertainment Websites That Run Better With Satellite Internet

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This article was published on 2010/12/27