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Will be 29 this month Launch Launch of our first broadcast TV DBS China Sino II will Radio Industry in the Digital TV And Cable television What effects does so?

  Policy is still vague "The key is direct broadcast satellite into the city's operating policies." Case Studies in Peking University Law Center, deputy director of a small cloth seems direct broadcast satellite into city operations is almost inevitable, whether taken at present its complementarity with the cable or large to competition, the game is not the same.

Luo cloth that direct broadcast satellite will be the first development in remote rural areas, charges will inevitably low, which will produce the light of their impact fees the city, and direct broadcast satellite into the city early, it is difficult to gain the cost advantage of cable television. However, according to their specific research project estimates that if the satellite broadcast to 10 million users in a city the size of their earnings and expand to show the impact of a strong effect.

Merchants Securities Research and Development Center analysts Peng that, at least for digital broadcast satellite television segment short-term psychological stress. From foreign experience, direct broadcast satellite will be a substantial diversion of cable television subscribers, the U.S. direct broadcast satellite market occupies the entire broadcast television market about 30%. Domestic situation, though not the same, but the development of cable television customers and new high-end users have a certain risk of diversion, the risk is still potential, and not into real threats.

"Present policy of direct broadcast satellite operators in too much ambiguity." BOC International Securities Corporation vice president of Cable Hang had "the first Finance Daily "said that Venture Capital Business and other investors are facing greater risk, the future need for further close attention to the dynamic days after the satellite broadcast.

STB Manufacturers will directly benefit Peng yesterday on the "First Financial Daily" said that the satellite will be the digital TV broadcast network competitors, the securities market in the digital TV segment, as Gehua, such as CITIC Guoan will be affected.

Everbright Securities analyst Mao Zhengrong view, though cable remains the dominant market position as the city, but the direct broadcast satellite industry's impact on the content will be long, especially for the receiver set-top box manufacturers stimulus direct.

To receive equipment from the point of view, the current satellite technology is quite mature production. Mao Zhengrong that if open to individuals to purchase satellite reception equipment, licensing, market is very large, set-top box manufacturers as the Island Electronic Is a large part of the production for export Satellite TV Set-top boxes.

In the content, direct broadcast satellite in the early stages of development is difficult to compete with cable TV and distinction, but the pay programs and the future development of triple play services, will stimulate the development of its content. In addition, the content Make Will increase by a nationwide direct broadcast satellite broadcast channels, its will be good. Mao Zhengrong expected that for the visual media content production companies have long-term effects.

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Direct Broadcast Satellite Set

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This article was published on 2010/10/21