Common Myths of Satellite TV

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When asked why they have decided not to go with satellite programming, the reasons most people give are based upon common myths instead of facts. Here are a few of the myths that people give as a reason that they haven't switched, and the facts that set those myths straight.

Myth #1 - Satellite television programming is far too expensive for me.

This is one of the most common reasons people quote for not getting satellite television, and it couldn't be further from the truth. As we have continued to make advances in technology, the price of satellite television has dropped substantially. Now, satellite television programming is quite affordable. In fact, the price of satellite television is comparable to what you would pay for cable. Some satellite providers have programming packages that are less expensive than or right on par with what you'd pay for cable television and you get the same amount of or even more channels.

Myth #2 - The equipment and installation cost hundreds of dollars.

While this used to be the case at one point in time, this is no longer true. Most cable companies will offer the equipment and the installation for free in exchange for signing up for their services for a set period of time, usually one or two years. There is a piece of hardware called a DVR, or digital video recorder, that will sometimes have an extra charge associated with it, but this piece of equipment isn't necessary for basic satellite programming. Also, some companies will offer this piece of equipment for free or for a low price when you sign a service contract.

Myth #3 - My satellite TV will go out as soon as it begins to rain.

As long as your satellite equipment is properly installed, you can still enjoy a clear picture in bad weather. This is one of the reasons that it's important to let your satellite provider's technicians install the equipment for you. In severe weather your service may experience interruptions, but these usually last for minutes or hours, or whatever the duration of the storm is, whereas cable television services can be interrupted out for hours or days at a time.

Myth #4 - Satellite Television Doesn't Offer as Clear a Picture as Cable Does.

Not only is this false, but it's also the complete opposite of the truth. Whereas only some cable programming is available in digital quality and there's often an extra charge involved to get those or more, all satellite programming is broadcast in digital quality. It's also available in high def, and many people can receive this programming upgrade free of charge. This means clearer picture and audio quality.

These are only a few of the myths that many people quote as the reason they don't want to switch to satellite television services, but they are also the most common. Don't believe everything that you hear about satellite television. Read up on information that comes from the satellite television providers themselves to get reliable information and set the other myths straight.

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Common Myths of Satellite TV

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This article was published on 2010/04/01